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Council Services

Council seeks to provide all that is distinctive from services to its affiliates, including helping to develop the relationships and open new horizons to work with counterparts at home and abroad, and in brief the most important services provided by the Council are as follows:

  •  Think about problems and difficulties that hinder the progress of work and activities of the LBC affiliates and study ways to solve and overcome them through communication with the related authorities.
  • Communicate with the state institutions related to economic activities and supporting them by views & proposals that would create the appropriate environment for businessmen to help them the carry out of their duties properly.
  • Intensify and organize contacts between board members and their counterparts in other countries to communicate directly as well as through commercial attaches at embassies of the other countries in Libya and the coordination for sending and receiving delegations accordingly in order to exchange knowledge and experiences of trade and economic, thus increasing efficiency and improving performance and creating investment opportunities locally and abroad.
  • Sponsoring & organizing of exhibitions, conferences, forums, seminars and workshops related to economic affairs at home and abroad to serve the affiliates.
  • Provide the LBC affiliates of dates for the events organized by the local and international authorities concerning their activities and coordination to ensure participation.
  •  Work to coordinate and facilitate travel procedures, residence and movement of the members of the LBC affiliates to ensure effective participation in economic events locally and internationally.
  • Implementation of training programs designed to improve the performance of LBC affiliates and their organizations.
  • Granting statements addressed to the embassies operating in Libya to facilitate visa procedures for LBC affiliates at the request.
  • Prepare and issue of catalogues about LBC affiliates and publish widely at home and abroad to publicize LBC affiliates activities.
  • The advertise and promotion of LBC affiliates through the LBC’s electronic media & IT.
  • LBC issues a membership card as soon as the affiliation conditions are met for membership.