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Council Objectives

Objectives of the Council

  1. Seek develop and regulate of the economic activity foundations, in order to achieve the greatest growth and prosperity.
  2. Work to promote a culture of free economy that corresponds to the Libyan society and its economic structure.
  3.  Contribute to the building of state economical institutions depending on the scientific and practical economic skills.
  4. Participate in the preparation and formulation of economic legislation and provide an opinion on to the competent authorities.
  5.  Developing and strengthening of internal and external trade relations, which are based on fair competition, renounce and fight counterfeiting, duplicity and commercial fraud that will lead to the damage of the economics’ infrastructure?
  6. Establishment and participation in the economic forums, conferences, exhibitions locally and internationally.
  7. Consolidate and develop of the economic and trade relations with entities and local communities, related international entities and cooperation with them to help achieve the objectives of the Council.
  8.  Contribute to start new projects for those young people with ideas and creativity in the various fields.
  9.  Establishing effective partnerships with the Arab and Islamic chambers of commerce federations or unions and business councils corresponding at the international levels to serve the affiliates of the LBC.
  10.  Encourage the establishment of financial institutions expansion’s idea that pursue the Islamic banking system and take advantage of all the services that it provides.